Matter of giving relief in electricity bill to residential electricity consumers under Gujarat Atmanirbhar.

Matter of giving relief in electricity bill to residential electricity consumers under Gujarat Atmanirbhar.

 Read: (1) Resolution No .: Apg / 102050/103/15 / K of the Finance Department dated 05,6,50 Resolution: Due to the extraordinary situation arising due to Corona virus (COVID-19), the Central Government and the State Government  "Lockdown" commands were given by 4.  In this regard, to help the power consumers of the state, the date of the department is 4,06,606 and then relief has been given from the resolution dated 11,09,2050 as well as the date dated 8.06.2030.  Now, with the closure of trade / business / industry by the state government, the date (04) against the number (1) taken by the finance department to revive the economy of the state is dated 05.05.2020MI 6 Rao.  Gujarat Self Reliance Package ”has been announced.  In which it has also been announced to give relief in electricity bills to the electricity consumers of the state, property tax, electricity bills and  Issue No. 3 of the information given under the heading of information and concessions in the vehicle is as follows: "Consumption of less than 200 units of electricity per month. ૨ ૨ Once the electricity bill of 100 units of electricity consumers is waived.  This will be done, so about 3 lakh electricity consumers in the state will get the benefit of Rs. 300 crore electricity bill waiver.  "Procedure in this regard was under consideration. Following the above details, it is decided to carry out the following procedure in the matter presented by the State Government at the end of the adult consideration.Last meter reading of power consumers before lockdown and subsequent.  Calculate the difference in first meter reading in power consumption per day and multiply it by 30 days. If the average power consumption is 500 units per month or less then the customer will be eligible for one time relief and such power customers will be exempted from maximum 100 units and fixed charge of one month.  Will be met.

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