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This bank has started a special job giving scheme, this is how to get a job in a bank



There is good news for those looking for a job in the banking sector.  Axis Bank plans to provide jobs to at least 1000 people in the next one year.  That is why the bank has launched the Gig-a-Opportunities program.  Under which a suitable candidate can work with a bank from any part of the country.  Rajesh Dahiya, executive director, Axis Bank, said there would be two ways to work in this model.  The first way is a full time permanent job and the second way is a job for a specific period depending on the project.
 Rajesh Dahiya said that we want to make the Gig-a-Opportunities initiative as effective as normal jobs.  We will connect at least 1,000 working people to ourselves in the next one year.  "The mentality before this was that you had to come to the office to work," he said.  But now the concept of work from home has changed a lot because of the Corona virus.  Earlier people were not ready to work from home but now people are slowly getting used to it and now it is proving to be very useful.  Dahiya said Axis Bank would look for talented people, including experienced professionals and women from across the country India.

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 More than 3000 CVs have been received so far
 The Gig-a-Opportunities plan offers full-time permanent jobs as well as project-based jobs for a fixed period of time.  This fixed period can range from 8 months to one year.  Dahiya said Axis Bank was not offering the opportunity on a part-time basis.  But these are full time jobs.  At the same time it will conform to the standards of the industry.  "We have given no job openings on our website under this initiative," he said.  In just 3-4 days of the opening of this platform, we have received more than 3000 CVs from all over India.  We will select the right candidates from them.
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