Google Assistant - Get things done, hands-free Apps From Google | App Tech 2020

Google Assistant - Get things done, hands-free Apps From Google | App Tech 2020




Get the Google Assistant for hands-free help Apps free from play store Your Google Assistant is ready to help when and where you need it. Manage your schedule , get help with everyday tasks, control smart home devices, enjoy your entertainment, and much more. For this type information please visit

Stay in touch with hands-free calls, texts, and emails

Your Assistant makes it fast and easy to stay connected to those who matter most. Make calls, send text messages, and draft emails to your contacts. All work done by this app. google assistant.

"Read my unread texts"
"Call Carly"
"Text Sam 'On my way'"


Quickly find answers about businesses, restaurants, and attractions, including business hours, traffic info, and Google Maps directions. You can also book a ride with your favorite rideshare company, or find parking lots near your destination.

"How's the traffic to work?"
"Where's the nearest coffee shop?"
"Give me directions to the airport"

Get convenient help throughout the day : helping App 2020

Stay on top of your schedule and manage your calendar so you don't forget important appointments and meetings. Set reminders and get alerts so you can check off your daily to-dos. Your Assistant makes it easy to take notes, set timers, add items to your shopping list, and set alarms.

"Remind me to drink water every morning"
"Add eggs and bread to my shopping list"
"Set an alarm for 7 AM"


Search the web and get quick answers

Find fast answers to your questions while you're out and about, or at home. Get real-time weather forecasts and updates, find how-to videos, check sports scores, search the web, or get language translations when you're abroad. New app tech 2020, tech 2020, education for visit Daily.

"What’s the weather this weekend?"
"How much is $50 in euros?"
"Tell me the latest news"

 Google launched its smart service Google Assistant with the intention of competing with Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana. Google first introduced Google Assistant at Google I / O conference in May 2016. Google Assistant is a better version of Google Now and is also an extension of Google's 'OK Google' voice control. Google Assistant is available in Google Pixel smartphone, Google Home and Google Alo app. But Google Alo app works in almost all Android and iPhone devices, so you can say that Google Assistant supports all smartphones.

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The Google Alo app was launched in September. Google had promised to provide Hindi assistant feature in the Alo app by the end of the year at the Make in India event held in September. And in December, Hindi support for Google Assistant was released in Alo. In addition to English, Hindi is the second language to support Google Assistant. According to Google, Aloe app is the most used in India. After the introduction of the new feature, Google Assistant in Aloe understands Hindi and also responds in the same language. Giving information about the new feature, Google also claimed that the app will recognize images in Hindi in addition to text. For more latest government job updates visit GkJobs daily.

Google Assistant's Hindi feature has been released on both Android and iOS devices. To use an assistant in Hindi, the user must say 'Talk to me in Hindi' or adjust the language settings of their device. In Google Alo, Google Assistant works as a search engine, which means that it can answer your every question. Today we will tell you how we liked Hindi support in Google Assistant. We have reviewed Hindi support in Google Assistant of Alo app.

First of all go to Google Assistant in the Alo app and start talking. Funny thing is that while talking in Hindi, now you can talk in English whenever you want. If you are bored with writing, then you will also get the fun of voice typing here. While chatting in Hindi in Google Assistant, there is a suggestion in English while talking in Hindi and in English.

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If you ask Google Assistant what you can do, then it will tell you many options like walking, entertainment, sports. You can choose your choice from these.

You will also get weather information in Google Assistant. If you want, you can choose the daily option for weather updates. Apart from this, if you want to recite poetry, then tell Google Assistant and your wish is fulfilled.

If I ask Google Assistant that I am getting very bored - then this assistant narrates funny jokes in Hindi i.e. it will also play the role of your friend. The assistant will suggest several options to overcome boredom.  so download this app easily  with this link.

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