E-Sanjivani OPD New Starting OF Govt Of India

E-Sanjivani OPD New Starting Of Govt Of India | Gkjobs.in

E- Sanjivani OPD New Starting OF government: District Development Officer (all) I am happy to inform you that as a new initiative by the Government of Gujarat, E-Sanjeev’s OPD has started from 24/9/2020. Going to do it every morning from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. E-Sanjeev’s OPD can be obtained by anyone through specialist call. Medications prescribed by these specialists can be obtained free of cost from any government hospital. Sanjeev’s OPD app can be downloaded from Playstore in Android phone. 



In this app, by registering as a patient, a token comes. By typing the token, the desired specialist can be contacted directly and guidance and treatment can be obtained. Free prescriptions are available by showing this prescription in any government hospital. This scheme is proving to be very beneficial for all the public by which the cost incurred by the public in the consultation of cinnamon can be avoided. Crowding in civil hospitals and other major hospitals can also be prevented.



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