In Surat, people ran to weave 'gold' biscuits raining from the sky

In Surat, people ran to weave 'gold' biscuits raining from the sky :- It rained gold in a village in Surat city and people have come out of their houses to weave gold on the road. We are saying this because at night, near Surat airport, we find something in the village of Dummus that looks like gold.


What is this metal that looks like gold on the road and in the surrounding bushes where it came from is not known. If the thing that is coming into the hands of the understanding of gold takes with it.


Word of gold is spreading in the village by air. People have flocked to Dummus village to weave gold. Here people are looking for gold with torches at night. Locals say they found the glowing object at night when some people were coming here on foot. 


He informed the people of the village and here
People have set out to find something as shiny as this gold. Some people say that this shiny thing is gold or brass that no one knows. While some people are looking for it here as gold.

Mohan from Surat, who came here to search for gold, says that some people found gold here last night, then everyone gradually came to know about it. Interestingly, no one knows gold or brass so far. But a large number of people now search for gold Many much people. 





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