Schools will open from October 15, these strict rules will apply

Schools will open from October 15, these strict rules will apply 



New Delhi: The Union Home Ministry has issued guidelines on the process of unlocking 5.0 in the fifth phase. After this, preparations have been started to open schools in various states including UP-MP, Bihar, Rajasthan. The government has issued strict guidelines in this regard.


Under the guidelines, it is said that there will be no pressure from students to go to classes from schools. Parental written permission for students to go to school is also considered the most important. In addition schools will continue online classes as before.


Not only that, the central government has also said that the state government will decide whether to open schools from October 15 or not. He will make this decision only after evaluating cases of corona virus infection in his state. There is no pressure on them.


It says that if children do not come to school and their parents are ready for online classes, the school will not ask children to come without written permission. In this, children will not be pressured to attend.



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