Amazing picture : zoom it All clear picture | Best Technology

 Amazing picture : zoom it All clear picture | Best Technology


Persuade yourself by review the models and/or by downloading the krpano Viewer and krpano Tools for nothing and have a go at utilizing them with your own all encompassing pictures.

See likewise for the Tutorials.


 The two watchers have and utilize similar interfaces for controlling the panos and the format.

Superior and top-notch delivering

The delivering execution and the picture quality were and are one of the two most significant highlights in the krpano advancement.


Nearly everything is adaptable in the krpano watcher. krpano has an adaptable and dynamic XML scripting framework that permits an understanding of their own thoughts and highlights.

To assemble UIs simply incorporate and orchestrate your pictures on the watcher screen.

Upheld all-encompassing organizations by the krpano Flash Panorama Viewer:

Solid shape and Cubestrip Images

Circular Panos (360x180)

Barrel-shape Panos

Halfway Spherical, Partial Cylindrical Panos

Level Images

Cubical QTVR documents (.mov)

Zoomify Images

Item Movies (=Multi-Frame-Flat-Images)

All-encompassing Videos (Spherical, Cylindrical, Partials)

3D Projections

The typical or additionally called Rectilinear Projection.

Fisheye Projection.

Stereographic Fisheye Projection (when peering down additionally called 'Little Planet View').

Pannini Projection (Cylindrical Fisheye/Stereographic).

Building Projection.



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