Gujarat Board Examination Of Std 10 And 12 Will Also Be Taken At this time. | News

Gujarat Board Examination Of Std 10 And 12 Will Also Be Taken At this time. | News


In view of all these issues in the cabinet meeting held, after Diwali vacation in Gujarat, the cases of Corona in the field of higher education have started to rise again. In Gujarat, colleges, institutes and schools are likely to be started after the Diwali vacation to keep the citizens infected with the corona virus in Gujarat. If such a situation does not arise in the by-elections, the number of school-daily cases, patients undergoing treatment in the hospital was consulted within two weeks. The decision to start CM Vijay Colleges will be taken at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday after four months online in the state. First of all colleges, and after the reduction in mortality, the state health department is running education.

After urban-semi-urban areas, Rupani asked Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama to prepare by discussing all aspects with the education secretary, colleges and higher education sector, including the mamma and government education-based system used for the Std 1 to 8 and -12. Online education has not been successful in areas with a decline in the amount of drugs, incense and even oxygen, which has since started to decline.

The Chief Minister will also announce the program to increase the number of MLAs to the members of the Cabinet. Claiming to be socializing in the classroom. The curriculum of the legislature has had to be reduced amid care. In order to maintain the physical distance from the people's representatives, including all such situations, by-elections have also been held on eight seats in two or three parts in a day. 

Citizens have also voted to maintain social distance under the new rules, from calling students to soliciting responses to start higher education as they are an obstacle to student formation. Demands are being made to start school-college for Wednesday.

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