LIC Jeevan Akshay Police And Get 36000

LIC Jeevan Akshay Police And Get 36000 :- Benefit / Pay one time premium in this LIC policy, you will get Rs. 36,000 per month for life.


Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), the largest insurance company in the country, had discontinued its very popular insurance policy Jeevan Akshay Policy. But this policy has been restarted. Under LIC Jeevan Akshaya policy, the policyholder can avail the benefit of lifetime pension only after paying the installment once.


There is no limit to the maximum investment :-

Jeevan Akshay Policy is a single premium non-linked non-participating and personal encumb plan. The policy is started by investing at least one lakh rupees. There is no maximum investment limit in this policy.

 If a person invests at least one lakh in this policy, he will get 12 thousand rupees annually. That means you will get a pension of Rs 12,000 every year on an investment of Rs 1 lakh at a time. There is no maximum investment limit in this plan so that the policyholder can make maximum investment in it as per his wish. The amount of pension will depend on the amount invested.


What is qualification ?

This policy can be taken by people between the ages of 35 and 85. In addition, people with disabilities can also take advantage of this policy. What is special about this policy is that there are 10 options for how to get the pension amount. 


By choosing the Annuity payable for life at a uniform rate option of Jeevan Akshay policy and investing in this policy once, you can get a pension of Rs 36,000. For example, if a 45 year old person chooses this plan and at the same time chooses an Assured Option of Rs. 

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70,00,000, he will have to pay a premium of Rs. 71,26,000. After this investment, he will get a pension of Rs 36,429 per month. However, this pension will be discontinued after death. LIC's Life Renewable Policy has several such plans.

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