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South Gujarat Power Company Ltd | Useful App Tech :- Our esteemed electricity customers are kindly requested to lodge a complaint regarding power safety, power outage and power theft through DGVCL mobile app as well as avail facilities like electricity bill payment.




Mainly under electrical safety and power outage complaints;..

-> If an electric wire or pole is broken    or tilted..

> Sparks on electrical installations..

> Whether the fuse box is open or bad..

> Tilt, shows the transformer or its fencing..

> As well as, related to power disruption ..

Complaints can be lodged. Attached photo can also be uploaded.In addition, information on power outages can be obtained and electricity bills can be paid.

This advanced DGVCL mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Published by DGVCL for the convenience of power consumers.

Public awareness, security and cooperation ...Electricity services become much easier and pleasures immeasurable.


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