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Next Date: Necessary directions are given with respect to the arranging of the festival of "Eleven (11) National Voters' Day" to be commended the nation over on January 25, 2021, the primary subtleties of which are as per the following: 



According to the guidelines of the Election Commission, to praise the National Voters' Day-2021, accentuation has been laid on scattering different innovative activities actualized by the Commission to offer different types of assistance to the citizens during the decisions, particularly during the Koro pestilence. For this, the Election Commission has recommended the accompanying different exercises notwithstanding the exercises embraced in the past under ordinary conditions regarding the festival of "Public Voters' Day" in the state.

1, center around innovative instruments:

Extraordinary accentuation will be laid on advocating the innovative apparatuses created by the Commission to guarantee straightforward, free and reasonable political race measure at present just as to arrive at the most extreme electorate through more productive exposure.

a) Launch of e-EPIC: E-EPIC will be dispatched on the event of NVD-2021. Under which electors will have the option to download their citizen ID card in their versatile or suburbanite.

b) e-EPICometer: A dashboard will be made for checking e-EPIC downloaded on ECI/CEO's site.

c) Awareness through state/region level symbols and different members:

State/region level symbols with respect to mechanical development started by the Election Commission and. Spread of purposeful publicity via online media stages by proper hashtags by different members, for example, common society associations, instructive foundations and so on and labeling the authority web-based media foundation of the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer and the Election Commission in such hashtags.

2. Thorough Communication Plan:

Arrange dispersal through electronic, advanced and online media, informing applications and little gathering informing.

1. Utilizing All India Radio, Doordarshan just as FM Radio, Community Radio, Print Media and so on for exposure.

I. Utilizing online media and computerized media to spread mindfulness in metropolitan just as semi-metropolitan territories.

iji. SVEEP Digital Library ( for creating special writing

Affirmed content from can be utilized. iv. Citizen List Special Reform Program, Content/Material created during the political decision which shows the utilization of covers/hand gloves and keeps up social distance can be utilized by rolling out fitting improvements.

V. To plug citizen mindfulness during the Corona pestilence and endeavors to build trust in the discretionary framework.

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E-Epic પરિપત્ર ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો


All broad Voters who have substantial EPIC

25th to 31st Jan 2021: All new balloters enlisted

during unique synopsis correction 2020

first Feb 2021 onwards: All General balloters

It will be a non-editable secure versatile record design (PDF) form of the EPIC (approx. 250 KB) which can be downloaded on portable or in a self-printable structure on the PC. A citizen would thus be able to store the card on his portable, transfer it on Digi storage or print it and

self-overlay it. This is notwithstanding PVC EPIC being given for new enrollment.

The most effective method to Download e-EPIC ?

Resident can Download e-EPIC From

Vote Helpline Mobile application


vi. Empower the far and wide utilization of versatile applications, for example, Voter Helpline, PwD App, C-Vigil, Voter Turnout App, Candidate App created to give important data to the electors just as getting data about enlistment, surveying station area.

3. Media Engagement:

During the festival of National Voters' Day, media agents ought to be available just as media briefings on rules and prudent steps ought to be taken.

1. Veil broadly utilized for Bihar Assembly broad races effectively held during the pestilence just as for the wellbeing of electors, Inform the media about handgloss, sanitizer, PPE Kit and so forth

ii. To record and spread the sound video messages of the state/locale symbols with respect to the safety efforts taken in the decisions held by the Commission during the time frame

ii. The DEO may likewise sort out a telephone in program on radio and TV in which electors may pose confounding inquiries via telephone, iv. A corner level authority can arrange a telephone in program on local area radio on political decision related inquiries.

Utilization of all types of media, for example, print, general media, open air publicizing, FM radio, TV, SMS, messages, web-based media, and so forth to advance the subject of V. NVD-2021.

vi. Advancing the subject of NVD-2021 in different government plans, public help habitats and projects. vii. Show NVD and related message posts and flags DEO, ERO, AERO ua VFCS saa forward. 




4. Utilization of different media stages: To make online media stages, TV, link networks and so on participatory for most extreme inclusion under SVEEP thinking about the overall circumstance of Koroni pestilence.

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