Flashbomb Application Download 2021

Flashbomb Application Download 2021



 Can't head outside? Is it difficult to remain at home the entire day?

Don't sweat it! We can move at home much the same as in a dance club! haha

Whenever, Anywhere! You can make dance club mind-sets with FLASHBOMB!

As music plays,

As you shake your telephone,

As you contact your screen,

Your telephone lights streak!

With Disco Flash you will transform your cell phone into a real Stroboscope or Flash like that of the discos.

The application comprises of a glimmering white LED spotlight to the beat of the music or programmed with 10 distinct paces, which will give a disco light impact.

The power of the light isn't the most extreme, so it spends substantially less battery.

The Music work works by carrying the gadget closer to the speaker where the music is playing. Approach it pretty much relying upon the volume at which the music is playing.

For accommodation, the screen will stay on while the ON catch is squeezed.

Open the Disco application Flash, play music, place your Smartphone on a stand and appreciate a disco party with streak. 

!! APK Download it Now !!

This application is additionally valuable as a glimmering or blazing spotlight as a crisis light or with the goal that they can envision you out of the loop from a far distance.

At the point when you host a home gathering with your companions,

At the point when you'd prefer to move alone in a room,

At the point when you go to shows or celebrations,

Try not to stop for a second to download FLASHBOMB!

You can make another world at home

[Functions of Flash Bomb]

1. Sound : Enjoy a LaserShow with sounds~

2. Shake: Phone light glimmers as quick as you shake your telephone!

3. Contact: You can handle your lights! At the point when you contact the screen, the telephone light turns on.

4. Beat: Bomby character will hit the dance floor with you with your rhythm!

5. Turn on: The most brilliant lights are on.

6. Quickest: Phone light glimmers like a strobe!! Simply continue to press any fasten.

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