Corona Virus Live Update 2021

Knowing what is needed for this vaccine becomes very important when scientists around the world are trying to develop a vaccine to eradicate the coronavirus.  Medical science is very difficult to understand.  If it were that simple, every other person would have become a doctor.  We have tried to find out from the experts how the corona virus attacks the body.  What is the body's response to that?  Why is a vaccine needed?  How is the vaccine prepared?  You need to know the answers to 5 questions.
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What is the body's response to a corona virus attack?

Why is a vaccine needed to eradicate corona virus?

How is the vaccine being prepared?

What is the vaccine approval PROCESS?
What process has the government decided if time is short?

So let's understand this issue in detail ....
1. What is the body's response to a corona virus attack?

Our body has a wonderful system of nature.  When a virus attacks, our body recognizes that an outside virus has become active.  An immune cell, called an antigen presenting cell (APC), is the first to encircle the virus.  It makes a viral protein, called an antigen.  These antigens activate the body's immune system and report that a virus has attacked and it is very important to fight it. 

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