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The Gujarat Sahitya Akademi or Gujarat Sahitya Academy, set up in 1981, is an administration establishment devoted to the improvement of the dialects expressed in Gujarat, India and their writing. Gujarati, an authority language of Gujarat, is one of them; the others are Hindi, Sanskrit, Kutchi, Sindhi and Urdu. Starting at 2017, Vishnu Pandya is the director of the Akademi.




The Akademi was established on 24 September 1981 by the Government of Gujarat. It was initiated on 17 June 1982 with the arrangement of a director, a bad habit executive and different individuals.


The fundamental point of the Akademi is to:

Empower associations and authors in Gujarat to advance the improvement of Gujarati, Sanskrit and other current dialects

Advance the exploration of Gujarati people writing

Gather and distribute books of writing

Gather and keep a library

Perceive and help artistic social orders

Distribute analysis of different types of writing

Arrange birthday festivities for noted creators

Grant prizes for books distributed in various types of writing

Grant monetary grants to understudies of writing

Monetarily help older, truly impeded, and needy creators living in Gujarat.

Yearly honor Sahitya Gaurav Puraskar to a set up writer and Yuva Gaurav Puraskar to a youthful author.

Since 2016, the Akademi has given the Sahityaratna Award to Gujarati creators for their huge commitment; and the Ramanlal Nilkanth Hasya Paritoshik which is presented to Gujarati creators for their critical commitment in Gujarati amusing writing.


The Gujarat Academy directs five different foundations; to be specific the Hindi Sahitya Academy for Hindi, the Sanskrit Sahitya Academy for Sanskrit, the Kutchi Sahitya Academy for Kutchi, the Sindhi Sahitya Academy for Sindhi and the Urdu Sahitya Academy for Urdu. The enlistment center is the authoritative top of each of the five foundations. There are three standing panels, every one of which has ten individuals, including five authority individuals, for society writing, Sanskrit language and writing, and other present day Indian dialects. 


Gujarat Sahitya Special PDF Part -1

Gujarat Sahitya Special PDF Part -2

Gujarat Sahitya Special PDF Part -3

Gujarat Sahitya Special PDF Part -4

Gujarat Sahitya Special PDF Part -5

Gujarat Sahitya Special PDF Part -6

The administrator, the bad habit director and the enlistment center have everyday control of the Akademi. The Akademi's by and large controlling specialists are the overall body and the chief board. The term of the overall body is 5 years. The overall body is made of 41 individuals including the training magistrate of Gujarat, the monetary counselor of the instruction division, the recorder of Akademi, the advanced education chief of Gujarat, the head of language of Gujarat, five individuals from the Gujarati artistic local area chose by the state government, 9 individuals chose by the council named by illustrative of various Gujarati abstract establishments, 8 individuals addressing of the University of Gujarat, 3 individuals chose by the individuals from the overall body of the Akademi, 9 individuals chose by a board selected by Gujarati journalists, 2 individuals who have been granted the Sahitya Gaurav Puraskar. The leader board is comprised of a limit of ten individuals including the administrator, the enlistment center and the bad habit director of the Akademi, the schooling official of Gujarat, the monetary counselor of the instruction office, the training magistrate of Gujarat and five individuals from the overall body chose by the state government.

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