Bharat Nu Bandharan 100 Oneliner Questions And Asnwer By Gujarat Rojgar Academy

The importance of Bharat Nu Bandharan PDF is very much, all the upcoming examinations of the government include the subject of the constitution and many of the questions are of the constitution, if you are a student, you have to understand the constitution properly, this subject can give you good marks, We have provided all the PDFs of the constitution which will be useful for you,

Indian constitution is an important subject, The Indian constitution is associated with the history, it is the hands of all the leaders in making it, out of which B.R.Ambedkar who has contributed a lot in making the Indian constitution, when it comes to the Indian constitution, everyone is Babasaheb Ambedkar Misses.




Every one of the themes identified with the Constitution of India are covered and the subjects of the Constitution are given underneath which you can see, Friends, the Constitution of India is a significant subject for the forthcoming assessment and this subject can give you full stamps. Everything identified with the constitution was given to you

The following is the finished chapter by chapter guide offered inside the Bharat Nu Bandharan PDF

An investigation of the Constitution of India 



Public images


History of Constitutional Development in India

Organization rule in India

Crown rule in India

Constitution and Proceedings of the Constitution of India

Impact of the Constitution of the World on the Constitution of India

Highlights and Criticism of the Indian Constitution

Preface Introduction to the Constitution of India

Association and State and Reorganization of States


Essential right

The significance of essential rights

Essential right

Exemptions for basic rights

Analysis of major rights

Core values of Politics

Fundamental obligations

Association (Center) Executive



Principal legal officer


Association Council of Ministers

Association Legislative Assembly (Parliament)



Lok Sabha

Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Rajya Sabha

Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha


Hostile to abandonment law

Significant terms identified with the parliamentary cycle

General Bill and Finance Bill

Joint sitting of the two houses

Money Bill (Finance Bill)

Yearly Financial Statement (Details)

Apportionment Bill – Accounts Grant – Credentials

Assets of India

Parliamentary Committees

State Executive

Lead representative

Committee of Ministers of State


Backer General of the State

State Legislature


Administrative Council

Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Legislature

Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Council

Majority and empty seat of the State Legislature

Administrative cycle in the state governing body

State Annual Financial Statement

Unique arrangement for certain states

The legal executive

The design of the legal executive

High Court

High Court

Courts under ward

Nearby self-government

Panchayati Raj


Helpful Committees

Political race Commission and course of action of ideological groups in India

Political race party

Ideological groups

Indian Federation

Focus State Relations

Regional relationship

Managerial relationship

Commission set up to improve focal state relations

Association State Financial Relations

The arrangements of the Emergency

Public emergency

Sacred Crisis (Presidential Rule)

Monetary emergency

Association Territory

Language arrangement

Booked and Tribal Area

Sacred bodies and legal administrative and semi legal bodies

Property, contracts, rights, commitments, limitations and cases

Extraordinary arrangement for Scheduled Castes – Tribes, ladies, kids and basic freedoms

India's international strategy and global relations

Sacred alteration

Sacred alteration measure

Sacred correction measure

Seventh Schedule

Established wording

Indian Flag Code 2002 



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